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CEO: Guo Yonghong

About Jiuyang    

    Welcome to the world of Jiuyang Amusement. Since we established in 2015, we are a young company with combined knowledge as a team to make us the energetic, innovative and in-demand company we are today. With more and more experiences in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and sales, we keep on producing innovative, commercial grade inflatable games, jumpers, water slides and obstacle courses, so that we understand what it takes to create the best quality products currently in the industry. 

      If you need, you can purchase with Jiuyang Amusement or our website"www.jyamusement.com",and then you will receive one-on-one continued guidance with our experienced staff and state-of-the-art design/materials that ensure a longer life of the unit; bringing greater profits to you.

    Our factory is located in Yingcheng industrial concentration district, Changchun city, Jilin Province, in China.  We are the only amusement equipment manufacturer in northeast China. From the executives to the engineers who conceptualize and design, the account managers that take care of our fantastic customers, and the manufacturing team who meticulously hand craft all the inflatables allowing us to ensure quality and precision that we can stand behind and guarantee. Because of this devotion to our end-product and customer satisfaction all our units are built to last and are covered by our multi-year seam-to-seam warranty.

We are new but we are different

    Besides the Snow Park--our famous and special products, we also provide consistent quality and friendly reliable service in the other parts. Whatever your personal vision or needs may be, our professional team is here to ensure that you receive not only delivery of your units on time, but also the information, tools, and support network required to be competitive in the market and succeed. Maintaining a lifelong relationship with our customers is our number one priority, therefore your 100% Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed! 

 Our best quality

   Those of you with an established business already know that your profits depend on the quality, durability, and long-life of your amusement equipment. We use only the finest quality PVC coated material to produce safe, high performance, long-lasting inflatable and airtight products bringing value to your investment for a minimum of three years longer than other manufacturers! We have the cooperation with PLATO for a long time! We will guide you every step of the way to huge profits and guaranteed success. Your future growth and continued success is guaranteed by our 100% customer satisfaction commitment to you.

Our exhibition experience

Moscow --RAAPA

Dubai  --DEAL

Europe -- EAS


Address:District C, Jiutai Industrial Concentration Zone, Jilin Province,China

Post Code:130502

Phone Number:+86(431)82380999